We are pleased to offer Bittersweet style Apple Juice Concentrate from New Zealand. If you are a Cider Maker looking to impart tart, tannic characteristics into your next batch then we invite you to consider using our product. Specifications are below and for any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The product complies with the following specification:

Acidity1.6 – 2.4 ( w/w malic @ 70 ºbrix)
pH3.0 – 3.9
Colour<1.0 ABS @ 420nm 12 brix
Clarity>80%T 10 Brix 660nm
Total Polyphenol>1.5g/L catechin eq. Folin Denis method on 70bx
FlavourExhibits a unique apple flavour. No off flavours or off aromas are detectable. 
Total Plate Count<100 cfu/ml
Total Yeast & Mould<100 cfu/ml
ColiformNil coliform/ml
Sugar ContentNo added sugar
Patulin%lt;50ppb on 11.5°brix basis (WHO limit)
Pesticide Residue and Heavy Metal   To comply with known requirements of importing country or end user.


Bittersweet is packaged in 200-litre epoxy lined open head conical steel drums filled to 203.7 litres. Alternate packaging is available upon buyer request. Flexi tankers 17,000 ltrs.

Average Gross Weight:    Average Net Weight:

Each drum shall be labeled stating the name of product, name & address of supplier, brix value, acidity, gross and nett weights, drum number, batch number, date of manufacture, and any other specific customer requirements.